Champagne gold stainless steel screen
Champagne gold stainless steel screen with a light golden yellow stainless steel screen, the surface with a mirror effect looks very beautiful and beautiful. Nowadays, it has become the choice of many high-end venues. Shanghai Yikai can provide a variety of different styles and styles of Champagne gold stainless steel screen  custom service.
Champagne gold stainless steel screen custom-made materials, the material is ordinary stainless steel iron 201, stainless steel 304, better stainless steel 316, the home user usually chooses the material is 201 or 304.
Champagne gold stainless steel screen custom-made method, the product is customized according to the customer's design requirements. The Champagne gold stainless steel screen is made of stainless steel tube, which is made by cutting and welding. Although the material used is relatively small, it is beautiful. The champagne gold gives a simple and not simple artistic sense.
Champagne gold stainless steel screen welding and polishing after welding, very sophisticated processing capabilities of a factory. The stainless steel screen as an ornament, the surface of the welding must be impossible, so the quality of this process is also a basic requirement for manufacturers.
Champagne gold stainless steel screen , screen erected in a more prominent position indoors, not only has the space to separate, blocking the line of sight, etc., can better coordinate the interior decoration style. Nowadays, the wide-spread stainless steel screens of Chinese and Western styles, a variety of styles can be matched with your home environment, and become part of your home decoration, so that the interior decoration style is more suitable.
Shanghai Yikai Metal Products Co., Ltd., stainless steel screen manufacturers have surface treatments such as drawing, mirror, sand blasting, anti-fingerprint and so on. Exquisite products and fast delivery are the great features of our company. It is the company's long-term work policy to think about what customers think, to be anxious about customers, to think about problems and solve problems from the perspective of customers. For the majority of stainless steel decoration engineering team to provide beautifully produced, reasonably priced stainless steel screen, metal lattice, stainless steel grid, stainless steel partition, stainless steel color tube and other stainless steel decorative craft products are the responsibility of our manufacturer, your demand is our forward Direction, to provide you with better stainless steel engineering products is our eternal pursuit!