Mirror stainless steel screen
Mirror stainless steel screen
Mirror stainless steel screen is a kind of home decoration that people like very much, which is obtained through different surface processing techniques. The mirror stainless steel screen is placed indoors. It not only has the function of beautifying the space, but also has the function of separating space, shielding debris, improving feng shui, etc. It can be used in enterprises, hotels, homes or other high-end places.
Mirror stainless steel screen features
The mirror stainless steel screen uses stainless steel as a raw material and has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Mirror stainless steel screens can be selected according to the installation environment during the use process. They can also be customized according to the surrounding environment, and the color and pattern design can be matched to make the products and the surrounding installation environment merge and coordinate. The mirror stainless steel screen is exposed to the air for a long time, which will cause a lot of dust on the surface of the product. Therefore, the mirror stainless steel screen should be cleaned and maintained frequently. The mirror stainless steel screen maintenance method is very simple. Wipe with a rag and a special stainless steel cleaning solution. It is ok, and the mirrored stainless steel screen is also more susceptible to fingerprints, and the surface can be anti-fingerprinted during processing. The product is often cleaned and maintained to ensure the beauty of the product and to extend the life of the product.
Mirror stainless steel screen manufacturers
Shanghai Yikai Stainless Steel, engaged in stainless steel screen production and processing for many years, has accumulated a lot of experience and a better understanding of the product. Our company has independent stainless steel pipe and sheet production base, and has introduced various stainless steel processing equipments. We can provide customers with various stainless steel products for production and processing, and can also accept customized services. In addition, our company also has its own surface processing factory, which can process various products for different products, so that the appearance of the product is more beautiful.