color stainless steel screen


The color stainless steel screen is made of stainless steel screen for processing and surface processing. The stainless steel screen itself is deeply concerned and loved by people. Later, the stainless steel screen is further processed and surfaced to make the whole color look more suitable for our aesthetic and life. Compared with the ordinary stainless steel screen, the color stainless steel screen is more liked and used by people.
Color stainless steel screen application range
Color stainless steel screens can be used in hotels, homes, inside and outside the lobby, or in other upscale locations. The color stainless steel screen used in the hotel can separate some open spaces or occlude somewhere, which will not affect the beauty of the space. At home, you can block some messy places or put them in the living room to be more beautiful. The color stainless steel screen is placed in an upscale place, showing the atmosphere, noble and so on.
Color stainless steel screen process and surface treatment
For the different areas of use, the shape of the color stainless steel screen can be differently innovated and designed according to the environment of the region at the time. It is necessary to integrate the product and the environment, coordinate and unify, and match well. Color stainless steel screens are generally finished by cutting, laser cutting, bending, welding, electroplating, etc. of the board. The surface of the color stainless steel screen can be sanded, brushed, mirrored, etc., as well as gold-plated, rose gold-plated, titanium-plated and other color treatments.
Color stainless steel screen manufacturers
Yikai Stainless has many years of experience in color stainless steel screen processing, and can provide customers with a variety of different shapes, different patterns of screen processing. The company has a variety of stainless steel processing equipment, as well as a variety of bending, welding and other machines, and laser cutting machine, you can make the effect you want. In addition, our company can also accept customized services, as long as you give us the designed drawings, we make the finished products that satisfy you.