Stainless steel stair railing
Stainless steel stair railing
Stair railings have become so frequent in life that they have become a common barrier. It is mainly used together with the steps of the stairs to protect people's safety. The material used for the stair railings has been tested and used for a long time from the previous wood to the present metal. Metal materials such as wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy have been used to make and use the stair railing, through observation and synthesis of materials. In contrast, stainless steel is the best material for processing stair railings.
Stainless steel stair railing processing
Stair railings are made of high-quality stainless steel tubing. Because stainless steel tubing has strong impact resistance and good rust and corrosion resistance, it can be used in a variety of different air environments. In addition, the stainless steel stair railings are lighter in texture and have many advantages over other materials in terms of transportation and management.
The stainless steel stair railing is mainly composed of two parts: the column and the armrest. The processing of the stair railing is actually the production of the two parts of the column and the armrest. The quality of the processing of these two parts directly affects the quality of stainless steel stair railings. The welding process between guardrails is important when machining stainless steel stair railings.
There are two types of welding commonly used to make guardrails. One is seam welding, also known as spot welding; the other is seamless welding, also known as full welding. This kind of welding process makes the quality of the stair railings in the column and the safety of use is very good. But the only difference is that the guardrail after spot welding can be used to see the welded part. After polishing and polishing by the operator, it will not affect the use and beauty of the guardrail. After the full-welded guardrail, although the surface weld marks are not visible, the processing cost is more complicated and time-consuming, so the price of full solder is much more expensive than spot welding.
There are two points to be aware of in the processing of stainless steel stair railings. One is the choice of material for the stair railing, and the other is the choice of welding. Both of these have a direct impact on the quality of the stainless steel stair railing.