Installation ceiling/ wall system
发布时间:2021/2/23 16:35:11

Water ripple stainless steel sheet is a new decorative material made by Boweite team in recent years ,inspired by water wave , we found it's reflectivity ,giving different objects a variety of colour and forming a rich interaction between people and space, objects, light, images, colours and materials. 

We produce water ripple sheets or as laser cut items for further processing. We also manufacture ready-to-install panels according to given drawings – flat,welded, folded or curved. We supply flat sheets and fabricated panels as customers' requests .  but in general , fabricated panels will be the best choice for wall / ceiling design ,for which you can installing directly 

Installation :  the edges of water ripple stainless steel sheet will be bent in folding shape, and cut holes in folding edges, then the fabricated panel can be fixed on steel frame of wall/ceiling. Backside of panel is with reinforcement to avoid the center drooping

Download the installation method PDF.  here