Stainless steel mirror sheet
发布时间:2021/6/21 17:52:42

Mirror (No.8) is a polished ,high gloss finish with high degree of reflection which can be done by 2B and BA finish ,it is produced by finer abrasive and finishing with fine buffing compounds . BWT metal offer a blemish free and perfect mirror quality .our water ripple sheets are made from mirror steel sheeets

We produced mirror by chemical wet polish way . the surface is transparent without any line marks . stainless steel mirror sheet is fabricated in a easy way but was hard to prevent from scratch , it has to be protected by PVC laser film. It’s very widely used in food industry ,ceiling , wall cladding ,elevator and high pedestrian areas . it’s uniform consistency and high reflectively . also excellent for panel-to-panel matching ,which is suitable for architectural ,interior and decorative applications .

Thickness : 0.8~2.0mm

Size : 1220x2440mm/ 1220x3048mm /1500x3000mm ,etc .

Color : silver ,gold ,rose gold ,champagne ,black and blue .