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Shanghai Yikai Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a local influential company specializing in the production of stainless steel products, pure titanium, titanium alloys, electroplated titanium slag steel products, nickel and nickel alloy products, in order to adhere to the principle of customer satisfaction, It can be made with typical plates/sheets, rods/sticks, tubes/tubes seamless/welded round/square with all metal materials, and if you can draw or send or fax it to us, it can be achieved through our efforts.The company specializes in stainless steel surface treatment since 1998. We produce deep-textured stainless steel sheets, hairline stainless steel sheets, #4 brushed stainless steel sheets, PVD colored stainless steel sheets, mirrored stainless steel sheets, etched stainless steel sheets and embossed stainless steel sheets. Steel grades 441, 304, 316, etc. We can also machine the surface of aluminum and bronze plates.

With so many surface treatment options, Yikai has become a leader in stainless steel surface technology. 2WL, 5WL, 6WL, 7WL, linen, square embossed sheet is our advantage.In the past few years, we have accumulated process flow to produce high quality, high quality stainless products. The factory is fully equipped with large-scale fast-speed laser machine, Liangzhi shearing machine, LFK bending machine, double-head V-grooving machine, lathe, punching machine and other related production equipment. It processes and produces all kinds of stainless steel products and iron products. Processing services such as shearing, forming, polishing and surface coloring of related metal products such as aluminum and copper products.

The company's stainless steel products are mainly used in hotels, hotels, ktv and other entertainment venues, producing stainless steel engineering decorative products, stainless steel screen partitions, (stainless steel screen grate), stainless steel wine cabinets, high-grade thermostats, stainless steel premium wine racks, stainless steel arches, Stainless steel coffee table, stainless steel door frame, stainless steel bar, stainless steel engineering decorative shaped parts, stainless steel luxury handle, stainless steel cylinder, stainless steel bulletin board, stainless steel trash can, stainless steel ceiling, stainless steel carved, stainless steel exterior wall, stainless steel revolving door, stainless steel line, stainless steel Frame, stainless steel, etc. Applications in the industrial sector: construction industry, such as building exterior, window frame decoration, elevator car panels, car panels, hall wall panels, ceilings, luxury doors, outdoor projects, billboards, walkway boards, hotels, lobby interiors and other large buildings Decoration (car station, railway station, subway station, airport, etc.), hotel, building business decoration, public facilities, new house decoration, star hotel, large shopping mall, gorgeous, enamel bar, luxury KTV, clothing, jewelry display cabinet luxury Renovation.

According to the swatch provided by the customer, the surface color of the product is treated: bronze, rose gold, burgundy, black titanium, titanium, champagne gold, gray black. With our superb professional technology, we can satisfy customers with high quality products. Various requirements.And we have a comprehensive service system, employees are on call 24 hours a day, fast delivery. If you have a demand for the product, please let me know.

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